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Интервью Генерального директора ГНЦ РФ ФГУП "ЦНИИчермет им. И. П. Бардина" Виктора Семенова журналу «Металлоснабжение и сбыт» 13 ноября 2018 г.


План выставок и конференций ГНЦ РФ ФГУП "ЦНИИчермет им. И.П. Бардина" на 2019 г.

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State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation

Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FSUE) I.P. Bardin Central Research Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy

Founded in 1944, I.P. Bardin Central Research Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy is Russia’s leading research center for invention and development of metallurgical technologies and new materials.

It is known in Russia and internationally for its scientific research and development of metallics and metallurgical technologies.

For many years I.P. Bardin Institute has been cooperating with Russia and CIS biggest metallurgical plants, steel consuming enterprises and research institutes.

Over more than 60 years of its activity the Institute has developed technologies which had a huge impact on the metal industry and are widely used nowadays:

oxygen and synthetic slag use in steelmaking, continuous casting method, secondary steel refining process, fundamentals of electric smelting, etc.


The I.P. Bardin Central Research Institute activities and range of services include:

1) Basic and applied research and technological works for development of metallurgical technologies and new metallics, such as:

  • cokeless metallurgy,
  • steelmaking technologies, including smelting with secondary treatment and continuous casting,
  • ferroalloys and special alloys production technologies and production units,
  • rolled metal production (with and without coating),
  • development of new metallics with predetermined properties, including noncrystalline and nanocrystalline materials,
  • production of powder metallic precision materials and products thereof, as well as equipment for such production,
  • physical metallurgy,
  • physicochemistry of metallurgical processes, development of phase transition theory, strength and ductility of metallics,
  • physics of magnetic phenomena,
  • efficient use of resources in metallurgical production,
  • metallurgical production ecology, recycling of industrial waste and off grade raw materials, etc.


2) Standardization and certification of raw materials, metal products, several consumer goods and quality assurance systems.

3) Scientific, technical, technological and economic audit and consulting on metallurgical industrial facilities, technologies, equipment and manufactured products.

4) Scientific, technical, technological, economic and environmental evaluation of projects for new metallurgical facilities.

5) Economic aspects of ferrous metallurgy.


I.P. Bardin Research Institute team consists of highly qualified scientists and specialists, including 167 specialists with Sc.D. and PhD degrees.


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